The verse of the week highlights what is being preached from out pulpit now. Our recent Thursday nights have been dedicated to a practical series of scriptural instructions for handling life's problems. This week it was debt.

Philippians 4:6-7 (NIV) Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

So you're drownng in debt?  So sit on His throne with Him and master it. That's what Paul means by, "don't be anxious about anything, but in your debt situation pray and ask."

And always pray and ask with thanksgiving. That doesn't mean say, "Thank you God for what I hope You're going to do to fix this." Think about Jesus in Mark 8 when He was preaching to all those thousands of people and realized they hadn't had anything to eat.  He took seven loaves of bread and told everybody to sit down on the ground. Then, "when He had taken the seven loaves and GIVEN THANKS, He broke them and gave them to His disciples to distribute to the people, and they did so. They had a few small fish as well; He gave thanks for them also and told the disciples to distribute them" (vv. 6-7),

Jesus knew Father's will, knew what Father was doing (He said exactly that in John 5:19). It's only when you KNOW what God is doing that you can be properly grateful.  The pilgrims didn't have a party before the harvest, hoping for the best, did they? They called it "thanksgiving" once they knew dinner would be on the table! That's the way thanksgiving works in the Kingdom:  KNOW what Father is doing and then be thankful. 

But how do you KNOW what Father is doing? You sit with Him, on His throne, IN Jesus! It's really very simple, but you have to know Him to make it work. You can't just know about Him and hope. You have to be IN relationship.

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The Baptism With the Holy Spirit Cover

The Baptism with the Holy Spirit

Rev. Harrington has done an excellent job of putting together a variety of biblical verses concerning the topic of the Baptism with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. She clearly identifies answers to the most often asked questions about this topic. You will find this is a must have book if you are ministering to someone who desires to experience this marvelous work of the Holy Spirit. You can easily open the book and share the biblical examples that have been established since the genesis of the New Testament church from the book of Acts. This book will also help someone to search the Scriptures for themselves and follow the simple instructions for receiving the Baptism with the Holy Spirit.

Acts 1:8 tells us that the power of the Holy Spirit was necessary for believers to become effective witnesses for the accomplished work of Jesus Christ at the Cross on the Day of Pentecost. We also need this readily available power to share the Good News with our family and friends who are in need of salvation.



Betrayal WEB


Betrayal is a common thread woven into the lives of sinners and saints alike. In this book Rev. Harrington has defined betrayal and the painful reactions to it. She also uses biblical examples of betrayal. The major areas she covers are family and friends, church staff, the work place, and leaders and others who target local churches for destruction.

In this book she also defines five things that must be done to be healed and freed from betrayal's hurts. This book will help expand your understanding of betrayal. It will also draw you to the Holy Spirit Who is readily available to anyone who wants to live in peace. Romans 12:18 (NIV) If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.




Breaking Generational Curses Cover 

Breaking Generational Curses

Generational curses may masquerade as illnesses, emotional states, personality quirks and disorders, fears and oppressions, bad habits, sexual disorders and misconducts, and many other problems. If you have something that bothers you and you simply accept it because, "Well, my mother did this," or "My grandfather had this," or "I guess like father, like son," you may be the victim of a generational curse carried to you by familiar spirits.

This is a must read for every believer because it explains the Bible's way to identify generational curses and be set free from them. With this book you can experience freedom in your life and also have a clear understanding of how to minister to someone else.



Falling Under the Power of God Cover

Falling Under the Power of God

Rev. Harrington has gathered information for a practical and biblical view of a common demonstration of a supernatural manifestation normally referred to as “Falling Under the Power” or “Being Slain in the Spirit.” This wonderful encounter with the power of the Holy Spirit has become controversial when in reality it produces a tremendous impact in the lives of believers who have experienced it.

This book can assist you in answering questions and settling any concerns believers may have about this ‘touch’ from God. Whenever God chooses to manifest in this way, we need not have any fears or resistance to it. We need to be open and willing to God’s realm of the supernatural. Everything God is, does, and manifests upon His people is good!




Helps Ministers Manual Cover

Helps Ministers Manual

This manual contains eighteen lessons about how to help in your local church. God's Word tells us He wants people to flourish in His house. Each lesson gives the biblical basis for understanding the needs of your church and discovering how your personal gifts and talents can be used to meet those needs. It challenges you to step up to your place in ministry using what God has uniquely placed within you to help your ministry reach its full potential. As you lend your hand to the plow without looking back you will begin to flourish as God intends and this will help you achieve your personal destiny within your local church and in God's worldwide Kingdom.

This manual is designed to cause believers to become instructors. As they learn how to actively participate in local ministry they become better equipped to help other believers come to their full Kingdom potential and experience the beauty of being involved as helps ministers themselves.



Judas Iscariot the Judas Spirit Cover

Judas Iscariot and the Judas Spirit

This book is a must read for those interested in keeping the kingdom of God advancing. It exposes the work of the devil in Judas Iscariot’s life and gives insight to the same spirit that is active in many local churches; the Judas spirit. Whenever the devil gets an opportunity to cause upheaval and weaken Christians or deceive them, he will take it. Rev. Harrington skillfully exposes the ‘behind the scenes’ activity that influenced Judas, and reveals how the Judas spirit operates. She also delivers insights to stop any destructive work that may be active in churches.

The devil needs to be stopped in fulfilling his hideous agendas and believers need to understand the description of the Judas spirit. This will help anyone interested in supporting and standing behind the great cause of Christ and the local church’s vision. We can overtake the devil’s offensive behavior and maintain purity in our lives and The Church



Mentoring Cover


Mentors are disciple makers. This book is filled with God's wisdom. When it is tapped it will produce excellent insights for successful disciple making. It is a tool for everyone who is actively involved with developing and training leaders. 

It is also a book for believers who are trying to find their niche in God's Kingdom. Sitting under the direction and leadership of a godly mentor is the best way to discover what our personal skills and talents are and how they can be applied to God's purposes in our local church. It takes dependence upon the Holy Spirit and courage to step out and operate in our ministry gifts, and a seasoned believer who will commit to mentor us can help us find both. As we first learn, and then begin to walk in our own personal anointing, we will find ourselves singled out and anointed by the Holy Spirit to mentor younger believers into strong disciples. 

Mentoring is the key to first learning and then teaching discipleship, and this is what makes the Kingdom strong!


Ministering to the Sick Cover

Ministering to the Sick

For over three decades, Rev. Judith Harrington has instructed believers in ministering to the sick from the Word of God. It is her conviction that one of the major evangelistic outreaches of the Last Days will be through the means of sharing the Good News and healing the sick.

In this booklet, she has compiled Biblical truths that will inspire the believer’s desire to minister to the sick, as well as give practical instruction for believers in extending their faith towards those in physical need. Almost daily we are exposed to those that are in genuine need of Christ’s healing power. Just imagine the impact the Body of Christ can have in our geographic areas if we all reached out to the sick and delivered God’s promised healing power.




 Ministry of Hospitality WEB

Ministry of Hospitality

The Bible has much to say about the Ministry of Hospitality, especially to the elders and leaders of a local church. Hospitality is an often forgotten but important way to show Christian love and devotion to all of God's saints.

This is an easy to follow biblical teaching designed to help any local church or home group of believers express this awesome kind of ministry!





 NO Turning Back WEB

NO Turning Back

This is an important instructional guide for anyone concerned about the number of believers entering into apostasy by departing from their initial commitment to Christ and forsaking the authority of God's Word. The first stage of wandering from Christ is forsaking church attendance. Rev. Harrington challenges the deceptions of our times by using God's Word to expose the seductive process of turning away from the Lord. She gives us steps we can use to recognize people who are moving into apostasy.

This booklet will be a great help to believers who want to rescue departing people with Truth, convincing them to remain secure in their relationship with Christ. Our relationship with Christ must be our greatest goal!





Pauls Thorn in the Flesh Cover

Paul's Thorn in the Flesh

Rev. Judith Harrington prepared this booklet to assist other believers in addressing the question that is often asked when ministering to the sick. “What about Paul’s thorn in the flesh?” It is Rev. Harrington’s conviction that the enemy has sown seeds of doubt and unbelief through the means of religious instructions that are not biblical. She exposes the truth concerning Paul’s thorn in a simple to understand manner that uproots any incorrect teachings anyone may have been exposed to.

Her teaching will also give the serious believer who desires to minister to the sick, answers if anyone asks questions concerning Paul’s life. Gaining true biblical knowledge is always an excellent preventive measure against challenges or false teachings. Jesus wants to heal the afflicted and it is His Truth that will set them free to embrace His work at Calvary’s Cross.




Planning a Successful Conference

Planning a Successful Conference

Conferences are a wonderful way to bring like-minded believers together for several days of focused teaching and ministry, but there is a lot more to a conference than that! The initial planning for logistics and scheduling is the nuts-and-bolts foundation that supports a successful conference. Without it God's purpose for the conference can become obscured by confusion, and the precious believers who have sacrificed and travelled to attend will be left wanting.

This book is based on many years of successful conferences hosted by Dove Ministries International. In it Rev. Harrington and her staff give you everything they have found to be necessary and useful to plan, organize, and execute a successful conference, either at a local church or off-site at a public venue.



Prophetic Dream Book Cover Front

Prophetic Dream

Prophet Judith experienced a powerful and life-impacting prophetic dream concerning several issues facing today's Church. In this book she reveals this God-given dream and then skillfully interprets it for the reader's understanding. It is forthright in its ability to challenge even serious believers to remain faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ. In this dream God presents and opportunity for every believer to "see" what He sees as our desination while we are here on this planet. We have already begun the journey, now He will take us all the way in.

Amos 3:7 NLT Indeed, the Sovereign LORD never does anything until he reveals his plans to his servants the prophets.





Quick Reference Guide for Last Days Issues Cover

Quick Reference Guide for Last Days Issues

This book is one of Rev. Harrington’s biggest sellers. It is a compilation of questions and scriptural answers she has accumulated over twenty years of being asked about last days issues.

There are 110 questions and answers dealing with such things as “When will Jesus return?" and “Who will the antichrist be?"

This is a book that will prepare you for all of the good (and sometimes goofy) questions people are asking about the End of the World.





Quick Reference Tool for Helping Others Cover

Quick Reference Tool for Helping Others

This book is similar to the Quick Reference Guide for Last Day's Issues, but it covers a myriad of topics found in the Bible. It is also a compilation of twenty years worth of questions Rev. Harrington has been asked about the Bible and God's Church.

You will find it to be a handy and easy to use tool for answering questions about God's Word and His Will for every situation. It is useful in discussions with both believers and unbelievers alike!






Spiritual Warfare Cover

Spiritual Warfare

Rev. Harrington is the founder of Dove Ministries International and Senior Minister of Fresh Start Church of Petoskey, Michigan. She is a recognized prophet to the Church and she has four decades of eqperience preaching and teaching throughout the United States and in many foreigh countries.

Her vision is to see true believers come to their full potential as witnesses for Jesus Christ, serving Him as Lord, and working to bring in the Last Days Harvest. She works with many local pastors to train disciples through Intensive Training Institute, and provides preaching and teaching materials on a large scale through her publishing company, Dove Publishing House. She oversees a network of churches under the banner of Dove Ministries International.

Because of her vast experience in Kingdom ways and building, she is uniquely qualified to instruct you in dealing with the forces of darkness that continually oppress people truly serving the Lord Jesus Christ. Her conviction is, "If you don't deal with the devil, he will deal with you!"

This book details the levels of demon operation and exposes Satan's strategies. This is information you need to live a victorious life and enjoy all the freedom that Christ gave you through His life, death, and resurrection. It is really a must-have for dealing with the devil so he cannot deal with you!



 The Healer Cover

The Healer

Rev. Judith Harrington was diagnosed with stage three colorectal cancer in the spring of 2011. It was a complete shock due to the excellent health she had been experiencing and without any signs of illness. She was immediately scheduled for surgery and six months of Chemotheraphy, but she knew that her Healer was a man named Jesus. This booklet is based on the Word of God that draws our attention and our faith to the only One who paid the complete price for our health and wholeness.

As you read this booklet, you will find biblical truths to renew your mind with and at the same time anchor your hope for complete healing. It can be used as a quick reference guide in ministering to others as well.

Rev. Harrington has been in the ministry for over three and half decades and is the founder of Dove Ministries International. She has authored several books, has established a bible school, Intensive Training Institute, pioneers local churches, has a travel ministry, and has served in the position of Senior Minister at her home base church now for over 25 years. She operates primarily in the office of a prophet and delivers God’s Word with a nononsense approach. She is recognized for the anointing that God has placed upon her life and for her longevity in ministry.



Power of Present Truth Cover

Power of Present Truth

Not all Truth is equal. God’s Truth is multidimensional. To explain, if you touched a leper in the days of the Old Testament, you became instantly unclean according to the Law. The primary purpose behind this Truth was to identify the touching as sin. However, in the New Testament, if you touched a leper, it is the leper that becomes completely clean. The purpose for the Present Truth in the New Testament is often different than the revelation of Truth in the Old Testament. One was rooted in judgment and the other was founded on the desire of God to reveal His great love for people. Today, Present Truth always reveals what is on the heart of God.

"It is my personal conviction, that for The Church to become holy, full of power, and touched by God’s glory, we must seek not only Present Truth when presented, but also comprehend the purpose behind it. To find it, believers must hunger for the true pure ‘Bread from Heaven’ and eat the banquet He prepares for our day. Our generation must develop a sincere hunger for true revelation and become determined to live in that revelation until its purpose is completed, as well as be capable to pass it on to the next generation through teaching and being godly examples." Rev. Judith K. Harrington

Rev. Harrington has been a minister for over four decades, and in that time she has become a true advocate for Present Truth. In this book she challenges serious believers to be open to the ministry of the Spirit as He moves and awakens the hearts that desire to hear God's Now Word in His Now Hour.



True Friends Cover

True Friends

True Friends is a practical, yet inspiring, book that can truly impact the life of any serious-minded Christian woman. Rev. Harrington has captured the heart of God in presenting her instructions concerning a major area of importance to all women. God created females to desire close and productive friendships.

Rev. Harrington shares God’s Word as the platform for assisting readers with topics such as: God’s Purpose for Friendships, How to be a Godly Friend, How to Survive a Broken Friendship, and several others. You will find that this book could become one of your favorite reads. There is also a study guide for women’s groups available.





 Unveiling Jesus Cover

Unveiling Jesus

Too many Christians have an incomplet or undeveloped picture of Jesus Christ. Culture and religious traditions have pictured Him ans the baby in the manger, the gentle teacher, and the suffering savior. He WAS all of these, but now He sits at God's right hand as THE RISEN AND SOON COMING KING! Let this book adjust your vision of Jesus, and watch Him take His rightful place over all of the trials that beset your life!







Womens Issues WEB

Women's Issues

This book answers many of the questions that women are asking today. Rev. Harrington replies to the questions in a simple yet practical and biblical way. The counsel of the Lord is clearly guiding the content of this book. Let it guide the counsel of your life!



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