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Fresh Start Ministries is a community of believers who are passionate about Jesus Christ and His Kingdom cause.

Welcome to Fresh Start Church

Fresh Start Church Petoskey MichiganWe are a contemporary, charismatic, non-denominational, prophetic church that emphasizes families. We work to create an environment where people can come and experience the presence of God in a life-transforming way. We welcome the Holy Spirit into all of our services and believe He has called us to be overcomers. We believe that when Jesus taught us to pray “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven,” He meant upon all of us right now, not some time in the far off future. If you are looking for a church that has a heart for worship, that loves people and never judges them, that believes God’s Word is exciting and relevant for today and proclaims it uncompromisingly, we invite you to visit us and experience God’s goodness for yourself.


Our Vision

We want to be the light of Christ and demonstrate His goodness and power everywhere we go to everyone we meet.

Passionate about Jesus Christ

His goodness compels us to walk like Him, talk like Him, think like Him, react like Him, give like Him, work like Him, and love like Him.  If you have been disappointed by life or religion, let Jesus give you a fresh start in His true kingdom where His mercy is new every morning, where His presence empowers you to rise to your potential, where His people are always for you, where you can truly belong.

Come Experience God's Presence

Let God help you become the person He always dreamed you could be!