We Care Network

The We Care Network is devoted to bringing people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to be hands-on within our communities, making disciples by teaching God’s goodness through the examples of our lives. In these times it is easy to become discouraged in life and in faith. The women of We Care Network work to show people the strength available through close relationship with Jesus to overcome every obstacle to their development that life can throw at them.

We raise funds, serve, partner with various community outreaches, lay on hands for physical, mental, and emotional healing, befriend the disheartened, and bring the power of the Holy Spirit to people on a one-to-one basis through God’s gifts, through manifestations of His presence, and through miracles.

The We Care Network works to disciple and train other women to serve in God’s house in whatever areas their talents are strongest. Currently the women of We Care Network of Fresh Start Church work in ministry events planning and management, publishing and advertising for both Fresh Start and Dove Ministries International, audio, children and youth ministries, evangelistic outreach, with the boards of various community groups, home and hospital visitation, the Destined to Win discipleship program, motherhood and parenting instruction, biblically based financial, medical, insurance and marriage counseling, meals, child care, transportation, housing, bible studies, worship ministry, and pulpit ministry.

The leadership of Fresh Start Church believes women’s ministerial talents can only be discovered through the exercise of their faith and so provides every opportunity for our women to minister as they are called. We realize that there is no gender bias in spiritual and natural gifts, and expect our women to step into their places within our house as the Holy Spirit calls them.

James 2: 14-26 (Williams New Testament)  My brothers, what good is there in a man's saying that he has faith, if he has no good deeds to prove it? Such faith cannot save him, can it? If some brother or sister is thinly clad and has no food for the day, and one of you says to them, "Blessings on you, keep warm, eat until you have a plenty," without giving them the things that are needed for the body, what good does it do? So faith by itself, if it has no deeds to back it up, is dead. But someone may say, "You have faith, and I have good deeds." Show me your faith without any good deeds, but I will show you mine by my good deeds. Do you believe in one God? Very well; the demons, too, believe that, and shudder. But, O senseless man, are you willing to learn that faith without good deeds is worthless?  Was not our forefather Abraham shown to be upright by his good deeds, namely, by offering Isaac his son upon the altar? You see that faith co-operated with his good deeds, and by his good deeds faith was made complete, and so the Scripture was fulfilled which says, "Abraham put his faith in God, and it was credited to him for uprightness, and he was called God's friend."You see that a man is shown to be upright by his good deeds, and not merely by his faith.  Was not even Rahab the prostitute shown to be upright by her good deeds, namely, by entertaining the scouts and sending them off by a different road? Just as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without good deeds is dead.


Passionate about Jesus Christ

His goodness compels us to walk like Him, talk like Him, think like Him, react like Him, give like Him, work like Him, and love like Him.  If you have been disappointed by life or religion, let Jesus give you a fresh start in His true kingdom where His mercy is new every morning, where His presence empowers you to rise to your potential, where His people are always for you, where you can truly belong.

Come Experience God's Presence

Let God help you become the person He always dreamed you could be!