Our Mission

The mission of Fresh Start Church is to bring God’s Kingdom to earth in our lives, in our church, in our city, in our nation, and across the globe.


LOVING GOD is first and foremost, so we worship and praise extravagantly and honestly, grateful that we can know God here on earth.

SEEKING HIS PRESENCE is our privilege and our joy, He draws near whenever we approach Him, we are enabled to personally know God on earth through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

ACCEPTING ALL is our policy since He has accepted us, we know He is too good to miss and we do everything we can to share His goodness all around the earth.

HELPING HANDS is our work, because people cannot meet Him if we don’t show them what His goodness and mercy from heaven look like here on earth.

INTEGRITY is Jesus’ charge to us to walk like Him, talk like Him, live like Him, work like Him, believe like Him, trust like Him, teach like Him, and love like Him.

RELEASING THE ANOINTING, the presence and power of God, into the lives of everyone we meet so they can see heaven touch earth.

TRAINING AND DISCIPLESHIP is our method for bringing people up in the Kingdom and then releasing them to minister heaven on earth as God calls them.

ACCOUNTABILITY is necessary to keep believers linked to heaven and ensure them freedom to live in heaven on earth through the continued presence of the Holy Spirit.


Passionate about Jesus Christ

His goodness compels us to walk like Him, talk like Him, think like Him, react like Him, give like Him, work like Him, and love like Him.  If you have been disappointed by life or religion, let Jesus give you a fresh start in His true kingdom where His mercy is new every morning, where His presence empowers you to rise to your potential, where His people are always for you, where you can truly belong.

Come Experience God's Presence

Let God help you become the person He always dreamed you could be!