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Fresh Start Church Leadership

Rev. Judith K. HarringtonJKH in pink with Bible

Rev. Judith K. Harrington, Senior Minister, celebrates over thirty years ministering the Gospel. She has pioneered four churches in Northern Michigan, has traveled and ministered in twenty foreign countries, and has authored many powerful books. She is a member of International Convention of Faith Ministers and a former Area Director for that group in Michigan.

In 1974 Rev. Harrington founded Dove Ministries International (DMI). One of DMI’s main functions is to train, mentor, and assist ministers in fulfilling their callings. Rev. Harrington has a great devotion to God’s ministers. Throughout the years she has helped many ministers to discern the direction of God’s will for their lives and guide them along that path.  Under her ministry many ministers have been licensed and ordained.

Rev. Harrington founded Intensive Training Institute (iTi), a comprehensive audio correspondence Bible School, designed to train, instruct, and develop believers to fulfill their destinies. Many ministers and key leaders within local assemblies have enrolled. The vision of iTi is bringing sound doctrinal instruction and establishing students in both moral and ministerial excellence.

Rev. Harrington is presently serving as the Senior Minister of Fresh Start Church of Petoskey. Fresh Start Church was originally founded in 1983. Under her leadership this church has grown and prospered as a true expression of God’s heart for a New Testament Church. As a prophet, she holds true to the message of increasing righteousness, prophetic insight and fulfillment, and maintaining sound doctrine.

Rev. Harrington is a gifted communicator known for her penetrating wit, uncompromising delivery, and seasoned insight. Her balanced prophetic teachings are timely, powerful, and life changing. She operates in a strong flow of inspirational preaching and her years of experience have given her the ability to flow in the Holy Spirit’s gifts and anointing. She is a true Woman of Purpose.

Judith K. and her husband Jay have five grown children and several grandchildren. They are equally committed to serving the Lord Jesus Christ. She is interested in flower gardening and is currently involved in completing several remodeling projects in their older home nestled on the bluff along the shores of Little Traverse Bay.


Jay HarringtonRev. Jay Harrington

Rev. Jay Harrington is gifted in the area of Helps Ministry. He has been instrumental in preparing several manuals that define Helps, detail its scope, and instruct in its establishment and operation within local assemblies. He has developed several courses based on the manuals and presents them upon invitation to local churches.

Rev. Harrington is an important presence in the day-to-day operation of Fresh Start Church. He is known for his practical approach to Christian living and when he preaches the congregation is assured of sound doctrine and a punch list of how to’s to take away and apply to their lives.

He owned and operated an auto body restoration business for many years in Petoskey, Michigan. Although he has left that for full time ministry he is constantly active in management of the Fresh Start Church plant and in planning and executing updates and remodels.


Fresh Start Church Staff

Rev. Linda MurrayRev. Linda Murray

Rev. Linda Murray was part of Fresh Start Church at its original founding. Over the years she has worn many hats as befits a person ultimately called to minister within a local body.  Rev. Murray has a strong pastoral call as is evidenced by her kindness and involvement with Fresh Start Church members. As an Elder of Fresh Start Church her duties regularly include pulpit ministry, where her pastoral gift emerges in teaching targeted at the beauty of lives surrendered to and guided by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rev. Murray directs the Children and Youth ministries at Fresh Start Church. Her motto for those ministries is, “The Holy Spirit doesn’t get small for kids” and the depth and attention to details of those ministries is evidence. Rev. Murray believes Fresh Start Church is called to train its children into our future legacies in all are as of ministry. Our children and teens are prepared under her care to pray publically, exhort, lay hands upon people believing for answers and miracles, even open services and take up offerings.

Rev. Murray has been gifted with an excellent singing voice and is instrumental in selecting and introducing music to the congregation. She also leads worship regularly.

Rev. Murray has been married to her husband, Charles, for 34 years. They have five daughters, one son, and seven grandchildren. Charles works regularly in the Fresh Start Church Helps Ministry.


Rev. Maureen BickerstethRev. Maureen Bickersteth

Rev. Maureen Bickersteth came to Fresh Start Church in the early 1980s. She holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Michigan State University (Go Green!), and taught Computer Science at Saginaw Valley State University until 1997.  She used her Computer Science training in the IT department at Fresh Start. Solely IT soon gave way to desktop publishing (books, manuals, advertising materials), then content editing of books and manuals, then editing and development of manuals for Intensive Training Institute, whereupon she served as Dean of Students of iTi for several years. Rev. Bickersteth has also worked in meeting and conference planning and management for Fresh Start’s parent ministry, Dove Ministries International.

In 2007 she was ordained under Dove Ministries International with a recognized five-fold teaching gift. As an Elder of Fresh Start her duties often include pulpit ministry where her major focus is convincing people that though their destiny is heaven, their direction from Jesus is bringing heaven to earth.

Her foundational scripture is:  “Therefore I glory in Christ Jesus in my service to God. I will not venture to speak of anything except what Christ has accomplished through me in leading everyone I come across to obey God by what I have said and done—by the power of signs and wonders, through the power of the Spirit of God. So that everywhere I have gone, I have fully proclaimed the gospel of Christ” (Romans 15:17-19).

Maureen and her husband Tom have five grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Tom is a Registered Principal with Raymond James Financial Services. He holds a Class II license with Dove Ministries International and instructs the congregation on sound financial principles when called upon.


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