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May 6, 2014

Psalms 91 Protection Miracle! Vette1

Rev. Judith and Rev. Jay Harrington were involved in an accident today that totaled their 1990 Corvette. Seconds before impact the Lord show Judith a vision of the crash, told her the car would be totaled, and also told her that both she and Jay would be completely unhurt in the accident. Both of them put the event completely in His hands by faith. Judith testified that complete peace settled over them both before their car collided with a van in front of them. The front of their car ran underneath the van for a moment but then backed up. Later they were told that the engine should have been pushed into the passenger seats...but it wasn't. Thank God for His constant vigilance over our pastors! And thank God for His mighty promises of care and protection in Psalm 91, which is spoken over our entire congregation at every service! 


May 2, 2013

Meet Carol, a member of Fresh Start’s Women to the World, worker in the ministry’s publications and advertising office, and most important, a faithful Carolmember and tither.  On October 24, 2012, Carol was involved in a horrific, near fatal traffic accident in which she was not at fault and has been cleared by the Michigan State Police.  The force of the collision was so great that her wristwatch was torn from her wrist and was found 25 yards away from the crash site.

Carol sustained massive injuries.  Her pelvis was broken in three places, a bone in her wrist was broken, her tibia plateau was broken, she had ten broken ribs, her heart was bruised, she had internal bleeding, and her blood pressure had dropped so dangerously low that she was administered fluid intravenously to keep her alive and two blood transfusions because of the internal bleeding.

Doctors in critical care were very concerned about the alignment of her broken bones in the healing process.  Surgeries were discussed for her pelvis and her wrist if the complete stabilization measures they applied were not successful.

BUT, her Fresh Start family, friends, and other Dove Ministries International churches immediately went to God for His intervention.  We are so blessed at Fresh Start to be part of a network of so many other Dove Ministries churches!  God showed up for Carol in a powerful way, and He showed off His goodness to her and to all of us who prayed.

Her bruised lungs were so overtaxed by fluids that the doctors did two procedures to drain them.  Her breathing was eased, the pressure on her lungs was released, and they have healed perfectly.

Stabilizing her pelvis, wrist, and leg worked!  X-rays showed initial mending was perfectly aligned.  As God continued to work, her fractures became more and more secure. No surgery was needed!

As her wrist healed, her doctors were concerned about scar tissue that formed at the site of the break.  Normally, to ensure a strong bond between the newly knit bones, surgery would have been required to remove the scar tissue.  But God had a better idea.  He directed the bones to knit.  Whether He removed the scar tissue Himself or worked around it has not been determined, but today Carol uses her wrist and hand normally, lifts and carries things, and suffers no ill effects in her hands which she uses to produce books, brochures, cards, advertisements, and so many more things for the ministry.

At the time Carol was released from the hospital on November 15, 2012, she received some of her independence back with the use of a wheel chair and walker.  She was able to get herself in and out of bed, get herself dressed, and take care of herself.  She expressed a concern about being fearful of driving again or even riding in a car during one of our services.  So we did what we know to do.  We gathered around her, laid our hands upon her, commanded all fear to leave and asked Jesus to completely erase any ill effects the crash may have had on her mind and memory.  She testified that she got into her car to ride to two doctor’s appointments and after that began driving herself with absolutely no inordinate concern for traffic around her.

Carol was released from home nursing on January 21, 2013, and came back to work in her office at the church on January 22, 2013, with only the use of a cane.  She is so grateful and thankful to God for life!

On February 19, 2013 Carol had her only surgery throughout the entire healing process:  She had to have glass, which was embedded in her hand by the force of the collision, removed!

Carol is still attending her physical therapy sessions and her healing process continues according to her physicians’ and therapists’ schedule.  We will post updates on her testimony to God’s goodness to her and her family and “the exceeding greatness of His power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of His mighty power, which He wrought in Christ, when He raised Him from the dead, and set Him at His own right hand in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 1:19-20).

We serve a miracle-working God Who is so good you don’t want to miss Him!


June 13, 2013

During service tonight Scott told us that he and his wife decided they needed some extra income to help with their bills, so they began asking the Lord Scotttogether to show them what to do. Before too long Scott received a phone call from a company asking him to apply for a part-time position, which he did. Soon afterward that company called him back, offering him the job saying, "Out of all the candidates we interviewed, you are the best person for this job."  After taking on the second job Scott remembered that during service several years ago Rev. Harrington, our Senior Minister, spoke a word of prophecy from the pulpit that a company unknown to him would reach out and offer him a job. 

Absolutely nothing catches our Lord off guard! Jesus knew long ago that Scott would need some extra income and told him prophetically He would supply that need when the time came. Jesus is alive and working mightily among His people at Fresh Start Church! 




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